Songwriter’s Compilation Volume II in the works…

Musicians In Action is in the process of assembling the Songwriter’s Compilation Volume II, thanks to Zillow Group and Live Nation.  This compilation is M.I.A.’s primary fundraising tool through the year and a great way to showcase some of Colorado’s tremendous talent.

Would you like to join in the process?  We are seeking original songs to be featured.  They must be production-ready (professionally mixed and mastered) but if you have a tune that isn’t quite there, please let us know and M.I.A. might be able to help with part of the process.

Many, many thanks to the artists who were featured on Volume I:  Rob Drabkin, Megan Burtt, Andy Palmer, Katey Laurel, Dave Tamkin, Stacy Price, Ryan Chrys, Chris Webb, Ryan McCarthy and Spiv.  Some copies of Volume I are still available…but nearly all gone.

If you’d like to get involved, please email marc at and thanks for your support!




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