Thank you, Foyl, for supporting Musicians In Action!

A band called Foyl was the first to enter the studio of Sonic Conscious in support of Musicians In Action.  Foyl has been around since 2012 with their current lineup, led by Shaun Foy (guitar and vocals), with Lane Argenbright (bass and vocals), and Eric Haas (drums).  Shaun and Lane write the songs and have been playing together since middle school.  Eric was also in the school drum line back then.

Foyl has some diverse influences: King Krimson, Tom Waits, Pink Floyd, Primus, and a sprinkle of punk like the Dead Kennedys and metal like Pantera.

On songwriting, Shaun says:

What inspires me to make music is generally nature, camping, the outdoors…and enthusiasm to create something new with our own little piece of art.  Art is a raw expression.

In exchange for some free recording time at Sonic Conscious, they donated a track called Let’s Leave Here for our new fundraising efforts.  Shaun’s wife, Nicole also joins the band on this song, adding additional vocals to the mix.  “This song” says Shaun, “is about the desire and ‘age old dilemma’ to travel and explore or settle down.  I have always liked this song and was happy to get a chance to get a great recording with Jason Wagner, and even better to have it supporting a great cause like M.I.A.”

Watch for a download opportunity very soon on M.I.A.’s new Bandcamp web site, and thank you, Foyl, for supporting Musicians In Action!

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