Blankets delivered ahead of winter

Yesterday, M.I.A. delivered over $5000 worth of new in-kind donations to the Gathering Place and Senior Support Services.  Many thanks to Chantae Thomas and crew that assisted Marc with this delivery.  A fleet of mini vans (and a Prius) were packed to the ceiling and items included almost 1000 fleece blankets, several hundred feminine hygiene products and men’s clothing.

SSSM.I.A. will be delivering more men’s clothing in the coming weeks that is desperately needed for homeless seniors.  If you have any garments to donate, please contact Marc ( for a convenient pickup.  As usual, donors are rewarded with passes to our Donor “Thank You” shows throughout the year.  We are especially seeking NEW men’s underwear for Senior Support Services.

Next week we will also be ending the August dental hygiene collection drive for Urban Peak.  Please ask your dentist if they can help with this worthy cause.  And thank you for supporting Musicians In Action!

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