The spectrum of homelessness…

Musicians In Action-CO assists many different homelessness organizations.  We collect everything from food and clothing, to diapers, shoes, vitamins, dental hygiene products and other basic necessities.  We provide musicians for a variety of agencies and volunteer as well.  But our main focus is on four agencies that reflect the spectrum of homelessness…

Urban Peak

UP is a pivotal organization in Colorado, dedicated to disrupting chronic homelessness patterns in teens.  Urban Peak has two primary overnight shelters in Denver and Colorado Springs and also provides critical case management and mentoring services to impressionable, vulnerable youth.



The Gathering Place

Approximately 60% of the homeless are families.  These are not strangers holding cardboard signs on street corners.  These are women, many holding down multiple jobs in a desperate attempt to make ends meet.  And their children, living day in and day out in a constant state of uncertainty.  The Gathering Place is a day center where women experiencing homelessness and poverty can get some immediate relief: food, clothing, tutors for learning computer skills and obtaining GEDs, and much more.

M.I.A. Diaper Drives
M.I.A. Diaper Drives


The Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

The best way to end homelessness is pretty simple – put a roof over someone’s head.  Then lives can become more stabilized and long term plans, like employment, can become more plausible.  CCH has created several transitional housing complexes in the Denver Metro area to facilitate this goal.  CCH also provides a broad range of services from medical and dental care to case managers and mental health counselors.

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Senior Support Services

SSS represents the end of the line on the homelessness spectrum.  Imagine what it would be like to be homeless in the “golden years” of your life.  Chronic homelessness, mental health issues, physical health failing, frostbite and sunburn, onset of dementia – a pretty scary reality.  Senior Support Services is Denver’s only day shelter for seniors, offering three meals a day, case management, a place to leave a small bag of belongings, and receive a hug.  Thankfully there are agencies like this working hard in the trenches…



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